One Second Ahead: Enhance Your Performance at Work with Mindfulness

Rasmus Hougaard, Jacqueline Carter, and Gillian Coutts

From the acknowledgments: “This book has gone from good to great by the masterful minds of our editors at Benson-Collister Publishing Solutions, Jeff Leeson and Rachel Livsey.”

Jeff and Rachel worked with the international mindfulness training and consulting company The Potential Project to rewrite their proposal. The finished proposal was then submitted to five different publishers, and The Potential Project received five offers to publish their book. After the contract was signed, Rachel organized a crack team of writers and editors to meet the ambitious writing schedule, with Jeff providing the final polish.

From the back cover: “Based on thousands of years of practice, mindfulness techniques enable people to manage their attention, improve their awareness, and sharpen their focus and clarity. One Second Ahead is about applying mindfulness techniques to daily work life. For the first time, the work of The Potential Project, the global leader in customized organizational mindfulness programs, is available for the public. Based on 10 years of development and work with Accenture, Nike, Google, and 200+ other large organizations across the globe, this book offers you a proven formula for enhancing performance and wellbeing at work.”

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