The Soft Edge: Where Great Companies Find Lasting Success

Rich Karlgaard

Named one of the 10 best business books of 2014 by and the Huffington Post

From the acknowledgments: “Jeff Leeson of Benson-Collister deserves coauthor status for his tireless research, writing, editing, organizing, and negotiating labors.”

Jeff spearheaded this collaborative business book project between Fortune 500 company NetApp, Forbes publisher Rich Karlgaard, and publisher Jossey-Bass. Working closely with Rich Karlgaard, Jeff helped shape the book’s message, developed the book’s structure, provided research support, and drafted and polished chapters. In addition, Jeff served as a liaison between NetApp and Jossey-Bass to ensure that NetApp’s goals and vision for the book were realized.

From the back cover: “High performance has always required shrewd strategy and superb execution. These factors remain critical, especially given today’s unprecedented business climate. But Rich Karlgaard—Forbes publisher, entrepreneur, investor, and board director—takes a surprising turn and argues that there is now a third element that’s required for competitive advantage. It fosters innovation, it accelerates strategy and execution, and it cannot be copied or bought. It is found in a perhaps surprising place—your company’s values.”

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