What We Do

Our primary mission at Benson-Collister is to help companies, consultancies, social organizations, and individuals find a way to use books, ebooks, and other forms of digital media as an economical means of gaining visibility within a market.

We do so by working as our clients’ creative partner and business partner throughout the entire  writing and editing process. We listen closely to our clients and translate their stories — their voice, ideas, and vision — into popular books, papers, and articles.

Whether packaging a bestselling trade book or managing a series of blog posts based on a gated white paper, three attributes are at the core of every project we undertake — dynamic content, thoughtful guidance, and responsive service.

Custom Publishing Services

Book Packaging
Digital Publishing
Content Management

Book Packaging

Have you dreamed of being a published author? We provide a publishing plan that’s unique to your needs and covers every stage of the publishing process—from creating a proposal ready for submission to a major house; to providing writers to craft a book in a tone and style reflective of your identity; to using the perfect distribution channels to get your book into the hands of your audience.

We help clients with every phase of the book-writing process, and beyond. At Benson-Collister, our specific services include: idea development, proposal creation and execution, proposal marketing, contract guidance, manuscript development and creation, content editing, marketing and promotion, production, and research. And since every big idea has a chance to be a bestselling book, our services include direct access to top-tier literary agents and public relations professionals.

We have extensive experience in trade, professional, and academic publishing, or essentially every level and category of professional book publishing. This includes experience and connections with major houses such as HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random House, Wiley, St. Martins Press, and McGraw-Hill, as well as prestigious imprints like Palgrave Macmillan, Portfolio, Jossey-Bass, and Crown Business.

Digital Publishing

Because nearly every type of content — including books — is aggressively moving into electronic formats, we work with many ebook publishers and app developers. This includes companies like Inkling, Pronoun, Lulu, Blurb, Fast Pencil, Moglue, and Atavist. These are cutting-edge formats designed for nimble, dynamic content. They each have strengths and wea… well, let’s call them not-so-much-strengths.

At Benson-Collister, we have the experience to guide you through the ups, downs, and flat-out busts of these different emerging electronic formats. Through enhanced ebooks or e-shorts, brand publishing or white label publishing, we can help bring your stories to life for a bigger, more targeted audience.

This includes collaboration on everything from idea generation to content creation; from cover design to titling. We can help you take your big idea, your new technology, or your disruptive product and transform it into widely disseminated digital media that can be clicked on, favorited, shared, and repurposed.

Content Management 

At Benson-Collister, we create idea-driven content, optimize it for all appropriate formats, and establish a platform to take it public. Typically, we work with clients who have a big idea, maybe some material, and a goal that involves change — change within an organization, a market, a community, or society as a whole.

We help these clients get their story to their target audience. We guide them in choosing appropriate platforms, develop and grow their ideas, then shape the prose — literally anything and everything to help their story reach its fullest expression across a variety of media.

Sometimes this involves knowing an editorial-calendar platform like Kapost or Compendium. Other times, it means helping to develop a strategy for turning a significant piece of content — say an ebook or a white paper — into many separate pieces of collateral. Pull quotes become tweets, paragraphs become blogs, and your story becomes an anchor for every appropriate media vertical.