Leading a Learning Revolution: The Story Behind Defense Acquisition University’s Reinvention of Training

Frank J. Anderson, Christopher J. Hardy, and Jeffrey Leeson

Jeff co-authored this book, transforming Department of Defense’s award-winning corporate university model into a practical framework usable by any type of organization. Jeff extensively interviewed his coauthors, read reams of Department of Defense materials, and integrated that information into a fully restructured, publishable manuscript.

From the back cover: “This book tells the story of an amazing transformation that took place within the U.S. Department of Defense. Written by practitioners who have won nearly every major award in the industry, this account of the creation of Defense Acquisition University (DAU) provides a clear blueprint for turning any existing training organization into an innovative, world-class learning enterprise. In today’s evolving, more competitive business environment, efficiency and agility aren’t just valuable–they’re imperative. With this book, any organization can tap into DAU’s winning strategies for nurturing innovation, facilitating reform, and improving organizational performance.”

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